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World Bhutan Western Zone Paro Jhomolhari Trek
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Western Zone Jhomolhari Trek


The Jhomolhari trek offers the timeless experience of traversing through the rugged terrains of the Himalayas, soaking the crisp mountain air and witnessing the unspoiled beauty of nature. The snow-capped Jhomolhari Mountain, also known as the Sacred Mountain of Goddess, and the Mountain Jichu Drake are the highlights of this trek. Furthermore, it showcases the diverse vegetation of the Bhutanese Kingdom and is also home to rare and endangered animals like the Blue Sheep.

The altitude of the trek varies from five thousand to twenty five hundred kilometres and it spans from fourteen to sixteen days, where the first day is spent acclimatizing to the harsh weather conditions. Though this trek maybe famous for its Natural charm, it is not without dangers and a person must be fit and used to the thin air conditions.

It would be advisable to undertake this trek in the spring months, when the melted show gives way to lush greenery. However, due to the extreme altitude, weather conditions are prone to change and remain unpredictable.

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