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Extending over the 3.2 hectares of land, Crocodile bank is a not to miss tourist spot in Chennai. The bank was established by a German Biologist named Romulus Whitaker in the year 1976 with just 30 members of reptiles like crocodiles, Alligators, Snake etc. However now the bank comprises more than 2400 reptiles which include the mugger, the Ghariyals, Crocodylus, American Alligator from Africa, Salt water crocodiles, Dwarf Crocodiles etc. Tourists can watch these reptiles in their natural habitat from well secured proximity. The place is much famed for it’s the Crocodile Conservation Center which has produced more than thousand breeds of Crocodile. Also the bank produces Anti-Venom in the Snake Farm within the bank. Also a show was organized by “Irula’s Snake Catchers’ Industrial Cooperative Society” to exhibit the process of extracting venom from snakes. This show will definitely enthrall the tourists. The venom extraction process which was launched in 1982 has become largest venom producing center with the yearly turn over of USD $ 15000. The bank was honored with the award named “The Ford Conservation and Environmental Grant 2001”.

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