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World India Kerala Ponmudi Meenmutty Falls (Thiruvananthapuram)
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India Kerala Meenmutty Falls (Thiruvananthapuram)


Jagged rocks and foamy waters, all in the midst of a forest right out of a story book, that's Meenmutty Falls for you. The 2 Km jungle hike ends all too soon and before you say 'Jack Robinson', you are at the falls. This is the kind of place movie makers come to shoot because they are always on the lookout for the exotic. This is what exotic means. You may reach the place via Kokhikode. Meenmutty Falls fall from a staggering height of 1000 meters and has a fantastic three tired look. Located at a distance of 45 KMs from Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram and 29 KMs from Kalpetta, this place is a must see...or should we say, must listen because the waterfall sings. Yes, it does. You need to hear it for yourself to believe me. Then let us know how you liked it. The cascading waterfall does not provide a very favorable place for the fish to swim in, hence a name that roughly translates to 'where the fish are blocked'. It’s a gorgeous place located in the Neyyar reservoir area. You must visit because this is the kind of place you want to add to your memory kit, the kind of place you'd never want to forget. This is the place travelers. This is it!

To reach water falls tourist have to trek 2KM from Kallar through the dense forests of Western Ghats. No other transportation to the water fall is available.

Kombaikani waterfalls is also located close to this fall and is a 2KM trek from here. Permission from forest departments needs to be taken to visit this waterfall and a forest rest house is located near it. Accommodation can be availed with permission from forest department. 

Golden Valley is another famous tourist attraction and is easily accessible form the main road.

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