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World India Kerala Ponmudi
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India Kerala Ponmudi

About Ponmudi

Do you know what breath-taking means? Among many other things, it means Ponmudi. After visiting this magnificent hill station, you will have no doubt about why Kerela is called God’s own country.
Ponmudi is located at a height of around 1100 feet is simply paradise. It abounds in rich tropical forests, tea gardens, rapids and rivulets, winding pathways and spectacular flora and fauna. You do not want to continue living with the regret of not having seen the deer park at the tip of the hill or the freshwater springs of Kallar or the Peppara wildlife sanctuary or the Meenmutty falls or the Agasthiya Bio park or the Ponmudi crest or the Golden valley or the…. Goodness! Once you start writing a list on Ponmudi, you might tire of typing in the conjunctions but the places keep pouring into your mind. If you want to lie on a soft emerald carpet hand crafted by God, then this is the place. If you want to be mesmerized by golden hues of the sunlight breaking through a pathway of mists, then this is the place or if you want to see the sun set at the tea gardens, then too, this is the place. The dreamy explorers should buckle up their shoes to get lost in 22 hairpin curves that take you to Ponmudi. Let us warn you. You shall never want to found again. It is perfect location for trekking and soaking in the awe inspiring bewitching landscape.

The wildlife lovers might just go a bit crazy and the ones not much into animals and birds run a high risk of irrevocably falling in love with them. With 332 species of butterflies, 283 kinds of birds and innumerable exotic animals starting from sambars to leopards, you simply don’t stand a chance. What binds all these children of God, including humans is the fact that they all are at peace here because in a place like this you just cannot help being happy. The fishes play like they have nothing to be afraid of. So, explorers, travelers, photographers, botanists, zoologists, bird watchers, ecologists, sane, insane….excitable, unexcitable, you have found the place that will give you a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

Ponmudi is like that mysterious maiden who you can never quite understand. Her beauty is such that you cannot resist being drawn to her and that’s what you do. You look for excuses to see her again and again because every time you do so, you discover her enigma more and more. Put this in your bucket lists travellers. Why reach the end of lives with a regret of not having visited that piece of dream that was totally within your reach!

There is only one hotel available locally called as Hotel Golden Peak.Tourists generally prefer retiring to the main city post a leisure trip during the day time to this blessed hill station.

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Ponmudi has a pleasant weather throughout the year, while you are here, indulge in the adventurous activities like hiking and trekking.
Accommodation is available only at government guest house KTDC Golden Peak ( basic facilities ).