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World India Madhya Pradesh Shirdi Dwarkmai
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India Madhya Pradesh Dwarkmai


The treasure of Shirdi, Dwarkmai, is situated right next to the Chavadi. While we expect there would be a grand mosque, one will be amazed to see a small corrugated iron roofs and rustic stone walls standing before you. However, the serene atmosphere and spiritual power can be felt once you step into Dwarkmai Mosque. The place goes along with Sri Sai Baba as far as simplicity is concerned. As Sri Sai Baba adored people irrespective of caste and creed, people from all religion can visit this mosque. Sri Sai Baba used to build everlasting burning fire (Dhuni) to which he interacts with sign language, offers foods which he got by begging from neighbours etc. Sri Sai baba gave Udi (Holy ash taken from the Dhuni) to his devotees and healed their sick and pain.

          You can worship this Dhuni in Dwarkmai in Dhuni Pit along with Chimney. There are footprints of Sri Sai baba in front of Dhuni, where he usually stands and performs Dhuni. A nimbar on the western side of Mosque wall was the spot where Sri Sai Baba used to lit Lamp and sit down nearby. Now this place was garlanded and decorated with flowers.

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