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World India West Bengal Siliguri Mirik
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India West Bengal Mirik


Mirik is an immeasurably stunning tourist location nestled midst the foggy knolls of the Darjeeling District. The picturesque town of Mirik is about 50 KMs from Darjeeling and enjoys year around pleasant atmosphere. An increasingly popular site for travelers, some rejuvenating strolls here with a picturesque view of Kangchenjunga and we are sure you’ll be fond of walking. A lazy two hour drive from the city of Darjeeling, the journey to Mirik will charm you with the most scenic places on your way. The boating in Mirik Lake with an arch bridge over it, will take you back to a 70s film scene, a view which transforms even the most unromantic person into a passionate being. If you happen to be a solitary soul who can wander off in the nearby woods, orchards of orange and perennial plains.

Lake Sumendu is at the heart of the town, surrounded by beautiful garden on one side and tall pine trees on the other. The 80-ft long arching over-bridge across the lake is an engineering marvel. The vista points of Kawlay Dara, Deosi Dara and Rameetay Dara offer stunning views of the valley and plains. Visit the tea gardens and orange orchards in the town.
Mirik is a place where you can spend some relaxed time away from noise and chaos of tourists. Visit to the monastries nearby or trek in the woods. When in Darjeeling run across the tea plantations and sip some of that tea as well but discover Mirik as well.

Since Mirik is on a much lower altitude than Darjeeling, which makes it comparably less cold, the weather throughout the year remains to be pleasant and tolerable. Travelers can also enjoy the Sunrise Point, Boker Monastery, the conspicuous tea gardens, and beautiful fields of orchid flowers.

The best part of the Mirik is that even of one doesn’t want to stay over one can make an easy trip in one day, exploring almost all the places in this quite, sleepy town.

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