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World India Nagaland Dimapur
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India Nagaland Dimapur

About Dimapur

Dimapur is the largest city in Nagaland and was once the capital of the Dimasa Kachari tribe. Known as ‘The city near the great river’, this enthralling city has ruins of old temples and houses ancient stone monoliths; excavated tanks dug by royalty and much more. It is the largest city in Nagaland, having the only airport in the state.

Nagaland state is in of the only 13 'Hot Spots' in the world where both sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate can be experienced. The ancient city is dotted with architecture ruins that stand testament to its rich cultural history. Interestingly, the ancient culture here was predominantly non-Aryan, with stone monoliths and baths that talk about the time that went by. History buffs will enjoy visiting the many ruins of buildings that once belonged to the Dimasa Kachari tribe. Consider going to nearby towns and villages to see how the locals live and buy souvenirs and artifacts.

Major tourist attractions near Dimapur include ancient villages, ruins of the Dimasa Kachari kingdom, and the Kali temple. Some of the small villages are famous for their scenic beauty and waterfalls. The Noune resort is an ideal place for boating.

Chekiye and Ruzaphema are famous for various bazaars where tourists can buy various handicrafts. It is an amazing place for shopaholics, owing to the fact that many shopping centres and supermarkets have sprung up in the recent years, known for goods imported from Thailand, China and Burma. It is a great place to play some soccer and other sports. It is home to Diezephe craft museum which has wood carvings and weavings. It is a stunning place to visit and the people there will ensure that you have a great time.

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Rohan Mittal
Aug 24, 2015
Sale of alcohol is officially banned in Nagaland, however can be sourced from black market.
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