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World India Manipur Imphal
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India Manipur Imphal

About Imphal

Situated in eastern India, Imphal is the state capital of Manipur. This is the land where the Ningthouja dynasty originated. The Royal Kangla palace located in the city was ruined by the britishers during the Anglo Manipuri war. During the reign of Maharaja Bhagyachandra, the Burmese invaded this place. Fortunately the Manipuri army came to its rescue and freed them from these invading forces. But soon the bristhers took charge of the place in the year 1891, taking the advantage of the instable condition of the country, they attacked Kangla fort and ruled Imphal till India attained freedom in 1947.

The best time to visit this place is during June to September. the major attractions to this place are Kangla fort , Kaina , Moirang,Keibul Lamjao National Park ,Chorus Repertory Theatre , Indian Peace Memorial ,INA museum , Jama Masjid , Sirohi National Park ,Womens Market (Ima Keithal ) which is one of its kind in the world and the Imphal war cemetery .

Imphal is beautiful land situated in the arms of the seven sisters of our country, fondly awaits your visit. Be here with you family and friends to understand and realize - how it was to be in a hostile land which was subjected to constant attacks, invasions and finally the dreadful British rule. Be thankful to all those who sacrificed their lives to endow us with a free India. A visit to this place is a must for every Indian. Be here and experience it yourself, it would surely be special.

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