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World India Manipur Imphal Red Hill Lokpaching
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India Manipur Red Hill Lokpaching


Red Hill Lokpaching has its own historical uniqueness which attracts a huge number of people every year. This was the red hill where the Japanese and the Britishers fought the fierce battle during the 2nd world war that prolonged for 9 long days in the year 1944 .the advancement of the Japanese into the Indian territory resulted in this war .this Is considered to be the worst battle at Imphal . Lt. General Iwaichi Fujiwara, a Japanese veteran constructed ‘The India Peace Memorial’ to commemorate the death of Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in this battle which was inaugurated in 1994.

Being here would surely get us back into the period of time when the Britishers brutally ruled our country ,but during this time our rising sense of unity and strength to a great extend broke them apart and soon in 1947 we became free India . A visit to this place wouldn’t be something that is beautiful or attractive but its historic past would surely bring in the sense of patriotism and a unique feeling that words cannot express. This place is one of its kind be here to feel it yourself. One can visit it on any day any month of the year.  

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