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World India Manipur Imphal Sadu Chiru Fall
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Manipuri (Meitei) & English
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India Manipur Sadu Chiru Fall


Located at a distance of about 25 KMs from the capital city Imphal, Sadu Chiru Falls or Leimaram Waterfall is a testimony to what human efforts can achieve by way of enhancing nature's own efforts. When Nehru called Manipur the 'Jewel of India', he could not have been more correct. Also known as the Leimaram Falls, this is located within a forested section. It feels awesome taking the walk up to the point where the waterfall is located.

The valley of Imphal has a glowing green color and the waterfall is located at the heart of the valley. Surround by hills covered in wild natural growths, it is a place that infuses the mind with great pleasure. The drive to the waterfall base is a gorgeous experience given the abundance of crop fields on either side. When nature is given form by hard working men and women of the earth, the end product can be extremely beautiful. This travel experience will prove it to you. Then there is little streams dotting the same path. It’s so lovely that you'd want to extend your trip i guarantee. This is a beautiful state and this part is luckily pretty peaceful as well. So do pay a visit to this jewel among the seven sisters. Visitor need to walk for about 300 mts from the main road to reach the falls.

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