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World India Manipur Imphal Kaina
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India Manipur Kaina


Located 29km from the state capital Imphal, Kaina is basically the land of Hindus situated on a hill top which is at a height of 914 m.The legend associated with this place is that , it was here that king Bhagya Chandra directed  his people to make the statue of Lord Govinda out of a jackfruit tree. This place was earlier occupied by Hindu’s alone but now one can find people from all cultures and believes living here. This place is famous for its traditional Ras Gharba which is a dance performed during ceremonies and festivities. A visit to this place would surely endow with the opportunity to learn their local culture, traditions and believes. Enjoy its richness, beauty, holiness, charm and uniqueness with your family and friends. Do not forget to try the exotic cuisines of this place available at the nearby restaurants. Have great fun being here.

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