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World India Kerala Kovalam Poovar
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India Kerala Poovar


Poovar is a small fishing hamlet which can be reached only through boat. Poovar is a perfect place of vacation as it offers beautiful beaches like the Poovar and the Kovalam beach. Poovar beach sandwiched in between River Neyyar and the Arabian Sea is a picture perfect beach. The “National Geographic Travelers” declared this place as one among 50 must-see tourist spot in India. Tourists will be amazed to see all Lake, River, Sea and Sandy Beach come together in Poovar. Poovar has resorts nearby for accomodation. The pristine beauty of the place is a must see.

The Kovalam beach offers plenty of opportunities for water sports and a grand view of the crescent shaped beaches which include the Hawwah Beach, Lighthouse Beach, and the Samudra Beach. Also be part of the excitement to watch the snake boat races as well as the crocodile watching expeditions in the surroundings.



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