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If you want to travel in time, you don't need a time machine. You just need to go to Sadras and let Saduranga Pattinam sink in. Sadras (Sadurangapattinam) is an old fort town 13 kilometers from Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) and about 70 KMs from Chennai, near the Kalpakkam atomic power plant. This place is ancient personified with inscriptions dating back to the 14th century and a Vishnu temple which is so old that you could be standing in a distant bygone era when you visit the place. This place has seen a lot of adventures. Sadras has seen onslaughts on European colonization at its best and worst. It has seen grand structures built for trade, it has experienced the destruction of the same, it has changed hands from one colonizer to another but old Sadras is just the same, an old and reliable haven for travelers out to explore the new and unknown.

You must visit the place to see the tombs and everything that's written on them. It’s very easy to lose a track of time when you are inside the Sadras fort. People might talk of seeing more elaborate forts but this is one place you need to embrace because once you do that, you will be hard-pressed to forget all that you felt. Only small portion of the fort is still present and it is conserved by Archaeological Survey of India. It not a very large fort and has couple of rooms inside it and surrounded by thick walls. There are couple of old cannons at the entrance of the fort. There is a Dutch cemetery and a gallows inside the fort. The main attraction of Sadras though, is its beaches. The beaches are shaded by coconut trees and lined by few fishing boats. Together with the exquisite beach resort and the aforementioned Sri Malaimandala Perumal temple, this place is a complete package consisting of natural endowment, ancient architectures and testimonies of modern Indian history. If you want it all in one, come take a look at Saduranga Pattinam. The town itself also has an interesting history for those who wish to do more than lie on the beach.

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Traveller Community User
Aug 05, 2014
Fort is reasonably well conserved and not much crowded usually. Main gate is sometimes locked, just call out and the caretaker will open gates for you
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