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For wildlife lovers, Nagahole or Nagarhole National Park  is one of the most exciting destinations in South India.  Getting here is not quite as simple as you might hope, but it’s not impossible. If travelling from Mysore or other big cities in Karnataka, try to find a direct bus to the park. If there is no bus all the way, then take a bus to Kutta, Hunsur, or HD Kote. There are also buses from Kerala to Kutta as it is near the Kerala border. From Mysore, buses to Hunsur and HD Kote are more commonplace.

From Kutta , Hunsur and HD Kote you may have to take a jeep or taxi. The lodges are scattered around the park and there can be quite a distance between them. If you are staying at a specific lodge, review their website or give them a call to get directions on how best to reach them.

A taxi from Mysore to Nagahole National Park would cost around 1500-1800 rupees. A taxi to the park from Bangalore would cost around 4500 rupees.

The park has long in rich in wildlife; it used to be a hunting reserve of kings. It became a wildlife sanctuary in 1955.

Of course Safari is the number one activity, but there is also boating in the park, and walking and cycling in the nearby environs. Many resorts have fitness facilities and swimming pools, so it’s up to the visitor to decide between outdoor rough and tumble adventure or relaxing near the bar.

Many resorts offer catering or have restaurants. Upmarket places may have international cuisine, while simpler abodes will focus on the essentials of Coorg cuisine. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are usually catered for, check with the resort before booking rooms if this is important to you.

There are not many shops in the area, although some resorts may sell souvenirs, and there are simple shops and banks in the nearby village of Kutta.

Wildlife abounds in the area. There are snakes, four-horned antelope, sloth bear, porcupine, jackal, mouse-deer, crocodiles, frogs and lizards. There are too many animals to mention. Common trees in the park include rosewood, teak, sandalwood and silver oak.

It’s not advisable to get off the beaten track in the park. In fact visitors should stick with their guides at all times. Even when on a jeep or a boat, treat your surroundings with utmost respect. Under no circumstances tease the animals, either by calling at them or by throwing any kind of objects.

Check ahead to see whether the park will be open, as it can sometimes close without warning , especially during monsoon season.

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