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World India Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli Mundanthurai Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary
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India Tamil Nadu Mundanthurai Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary


The Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary lie adjacent to each other -- collectively forming Tamil Nadu's only tiger reserve. Located in the southern Western Ghats, the flora and fauna of this protected The exotic species taking habitat in the reserve can be credited to the consistent rains and conjoining of 14 rivers, making Mundanthurai Kalakad Wildlife sanctuary a biodiversity hotspot. area has been gradually conserved and nurtured to commendable heights.

Located in the southern region of Tamil Nadu in the district of Tirunelveli this reserve is the home to various endemic plant species, and rich fauna including tigers, leopards, gaur, and Nilgiri tahr. The sanctuary comes under the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve and the area around is the catchment area of number of rivers upon which dams are built; breathtaking sights of mountains, and waterfalls greets visitors at every turn in this sanctuary. The sanctuary is located on the brim of two districts namely Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari. This reserve plays vital role in “Project Tiger”. Although known to shelter more than 70 tigers, their silence and stealth keep them at a safe distance from the human eye. However, there's no scope for disappointment since you cannot help but in awe of the lush evergreen forests that carpet a considerable part of the reserve. It's easy to spot other wildlife as well.
To visit this tiger reserve booking must be done beforehand because the only available accommodation is the Forest Department’s guest house. For trekkers, the sanctuary offers a number of listed trekking routes all across the sanctuary lead by experienced guides. The best time to visit this biodiversity hotspot is during September to January. This place is for true wildlife and nature enthusiasts as there is nothing much to marvel at apart from flora and fauna.
There are traveler’s bungalow and cottages maintained by forest department. The route which leads you to these accommodations is marvelous. Guides are available to provide you with proper tour and expedition.

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