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World India Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli Papanasam
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India Tamil Nadu Papanasam


The famous picnic spot nearby Tirunelveli, Papanasam is renowned for Lord Shiva Temple and water falls. The Papanasam mountain area is known to have nearly 108 herbs which cannot be found in rest of the world. The place has many attractions in its vicinity. You can have gala time taking a dip in Agasthiyar Falls and Vaana Theertham. A dam built across Thamarabharani River flowing nearby Papanasam is termed as Papanasam Dam. The Hydroelectric Power Plant is located nearby this dam. Don’t miss to worship Papanasar Swamy Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As the name indicates Lord Shiva in this temple “Destroys the Sins”. The deity of Goddess is termed as “Loganayaki Amman”. Devotees strongly believe that Lord Shiva in this temple is most powerful and cures all kind of diseases. The Shiv Ling of the temple is completely made up of Rudraksha. Entire town is well surrounded by lush green paddy fields is which a feast to our eyes.

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