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World India Tamil Nadu Rameswaram Dhanushkodi
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India Tamil Nadu Dhanushkodi


Dhanushkodi is the southern tip of the Rameswaram Island in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. Dhanushkodi used to be flourishing town on the tip of Indian peninsula, but a massive cycle swept through the town in 1964, killing hundreds of people and destructing the town. After this incident, government declared Dhanushkodi as unfit for human habitation and it has become a 'ghost' town since. Today only few fishermen venture on its beaches.

Tip of Dhanushkodi which is a point of confluence of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea holds a religious importance. Mysterious Adam’s Bridge is believed to have been constructed by Lord Rama to cross over to Lanka. There are series of rocks floating in the setu that are the remnants of the Rama Bridge formed in the Ramayana. The metal road simply ends here and one can simply get engulfed in the vastness of the ocean standing in front.

Jeeps still ply here from Rameswaram, and tourists can still see the remains of old railway station, government office buildings and some houses.

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To go till the tip of mainland many jeeps/matador vans run, they charge approx 100 INR per head.