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India Jammu and Kashmir Kheer Bhawani Temple

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Dedicated to the goddess Kheer, the term Kheer refers to the rice pudding delicacy that’s offered to the goddess at the temple during the spring period to propitiate the Goddess. This is a site of pilgrimage for followers of the Kashmir Pandic religion, whose grass mats can be found beneath the old-chinar trees as the pray, meditate or sleep. The temple is said to house a sacred spring, which is said to change colour depending on events taking place in Kashmir or effecting its residents. For instance, it’s said that before the assassination of Indira Ghandi, it turned a tinge of black. During the holy spring, it’s said to change its colour to the opulent, fresh colours of the spring festival reflecting the light and the hope of the new year and the Kheer Bhawani goddess.

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