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World India Maharashtra Nashik Suryamal Peak
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India Maharashtra Suryamal Peak


Thanks to its consistent moderate climate, the gorgeous Suryamal peak is often acclaimed as a trekker's paradise. It is located near the tiny village of Khodala, which is considered to be the starting point by mountain bikers and trekking enthusiasts. Suryamal Peak has honor of being the tallest peak of the region. Verdant atmosphere and pristine location makes it a picturesque spot to hang out. From atop the peak, you can get the spectacular view of the surrounding forest regions and valleys. Suryamal Peak is the Trekker’s Paradise.

The Amala Wildlife Sanctuary (located a stone-throw away from the suryamal peak), spreads over 15 acres of land and houses several rare species of plants.
Since its only 120 kilometers north-east of Mumbai, Suryamal Peak is a must-see for those who wish to get away from their droll and weary city-life. The view from the top is nothing short of spectacular. You can also see the most popular Neuro therapy Center at Moga in its vicinity.

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