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Vattakottai literally meaning a circular fort is surprisingly rectangular in shape. VattaKottai Fort is lonely structure standing on the shore this gives a sudden feeling that you have stepped into history. The 29ft tall fort walls, the simple interior, the well, the slope for the canyon, the tunnel that is said to be connected to the Padmanabhapuram Palace of King Marthandavarman to whom this Fort belonged for a period are all very interesting to look at, especially if you are historically keen.

The view from atop the Fort is stunning on all sides. The calm and soothing sea that shimmers against the horizon, the little river that trickles near the Fort, the bustling city that glitters at a distance and the brilliant hues of green valleys and trees that sway in a rhythmic motion is a sight to behold.

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Traveller Community User
Jul 09, 2014
As this is an open complex, it could be quite sunny here. Apply sunscreen lotion or carry it along if you do not want to get tanned.
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