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World India Andhra Pradesh Pattadakal Bhramaramba Devi Temple
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India Andhra Pradesh Bhramaramba Devi Temple


Amidst of Nallamala hills of Srisailam, the famous temple for Bhramaramba Devi temple is situated. The temple is right behind the famous Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple of Srisailam. As per Hindu religion facts, the word “Bhramaramba Devi” means “Mother of Bees”. Once the whole world was ruled by a demon king named “Arunaasura”. He did severe penance and meditated towards “Lord Brahma” chanting “Gayathri Mantra”. Moved by the demon’s gesture, Lord Brahma in turn asked him to wish something. The demon wished that he should be killed or destroyed by two legged or four legged creature in this world. His wish was granted. Thus the demon ruled the world and ill-treated every human being as well as Devathas. Devathas approached Goddess Parashakthi to help them to destroy the Asura. However, Goddess told them she can’t destroy him unless and until he stops worshipping her. Devathas made a plan, according to which their guru Brihaspati visited the Asura. Asura was surprised to see Devathas Guru visiting him and asked about his visit. Then the Guru told him that both he and Asura  worship same Goddess and so he thought they could get acquainted. Hearing this Asura felt ashamed that he worshipped same Goddess who was also worshipped by Devathas. Asura stopped worshipping Gayathri Devi. Goddess Parashakthi got angry and created numerous bees with six legs. These bees destroyed the demon and his army in matter of time.

        The sanctum sanctorum has the deity which is worshipped in form of “Maha Lakshmi”. You could also see the statue of Lopamudra (wife of Agasthya Sage) in the Grabha Griha. The buzzing of bee can be heard form a tiny hole in this temple.  A sacred Yantra is placed in front of the main sanctum sanctorum. Navarathri Festival is celebrated in grandeur in this temple.

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