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World India Tripura Aizawl Agartala
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India Tripura Agartala


Agartala, the capital city of Tripura, is famous for its diverse cultures, its temples and palaces. It adorns the label of being the second biggest city in the North-Eastern 7 sister states of India, and is merely 2 kilometers away from the international borders of Bangladesh. Agartala is located on the flood plains of Haora River. Agartala, a gigantic city but it is unlike the habitual noisy metros of the country. It is rather relaxed and undisturbed.

Agartala’s Ujjyanta Palace is one of the most spectacular architectural structures of the 20th century. It was built by Maharaja Radhakishore Manikya, designed by Sir Alexander Martin in Indo-Greek style. It currently serves as a government building and also houses the Tripura State Museum. The Temple of Jagannath is also situated within the premises of the palace. This edifice has the most spectacular furnishings and interiors and without a doubt this city’s most cherished asset.=

Travelers should also visit the Neer Mahal which literally translates into the Water Palace, it hovers over the Lake of Rudrasagar, almost 55 kilometers from the city of Agartala. Built by Mahraja Bikram Debbarman this beauty is an elegant amalgamation of Indian and Mughal architecture.

Rabindra Kanan gardens near the Raj Bhawan are nothing special but a small park filled with tranquil atmosphere. The company of colorful flowers and plants can rejuvenate one’s mood. Well parks are always good places to lighten up a busy day. Speaking of busy, Gol Bazaar of the city if the red hot trade center and many Indian cities import products from this biggest market of Tripura. This market has been functioning since the pre independence era.

The Tripurasundari Temple and Jagannath temple are two of another famous spot, followed by the city museums and parks. The marketplaces are buzzing, where the city's famous bamboo handicrafts and hand woven textiles are sold. The food available here is diverse- Indian, Continental and Chinese, at any good hotel. The street food is excellent, with a wide range of snacks and tea. Agartala also has wildlife sanctuaries nearby, such as Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalapania Nature Park.

A lesser known getaway is Jampui Hill, accessible by sumo taxis. The place is home to tribal groups, and has one accommodation - The Eden Tourist Lodge. The peace and quiet of the place offers a great opportunity to sit back and relax. Bengalis and native Tripuris are major inhabitants of the city. The only thing to watch out for is the rain, in which case it is best to find shelter immediately. The food and entertainment options are limited, but it is your go-to for a day of tranquility. So the next time you plan a trip to a hill station, stop and wonder about the serene city of Agartala, it might be a great opportunity to GET OUTSIDE.

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