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World India Tripura Aizawl Tripura Government Museum (Ujjayanta Palace)
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India Tripura Tripura Government Museum (Ujjayanta Palace)


Tripura Government Museum has been setup inside Ujjayanta Palace, it was originally the home of the Royal family of Tripura situated in Agartala. It was purchased from the Tripuri royalty by the Tripura Government in 1972-3 and housed the Tripura legislative assembly until July 2011. In realization of a century-old dream, the country’s biggest royal mansion in the region, the Ujjayanta Palace, houses one of the largest museums in the Northeast India. The museum showcases history, culture and arts of north-east India.

Tripura Government Museum was setup in 1970 in the heart of Agartala city. Inside the museum some rare stone images, old coins, and archaeological artefacts from the region have been displayed.
The museum has four gallerias. The museum remains open from 10:00 am-1:00pm and in evening tourists can plan a visit between 2:00 pm-5:00 pm. On Sundays and on all other Gazetted holidays, the museum remains closed. Tourists need to buy entry tickets, which are available for a nominal fee. If you are new to Tripura then this should be your first place to visit in order to get cultural information about Tripura.
Closed Sundays and Government holidays and photography is not allowed inside the museum.

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