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The historic coastal city of Puri also the cultural capital of Odisha, is where Lord Jagannath resides. Puri is one of the 'Chaar Dhaam' pilgrimage locations for Hindus and is always teeming with pilgrims throughout the year.

India is said to be a representation of its culture, simplicity and elegance and when one wishes to openly explore these traditions and beliefs that have evolved through the centuries, the costal district of Puri in Odisha is a must visit.

Typically called the Paradise of East Coast, Puri welcomes the travelers with a taste of true tropical weather. Its main attraction is the exquisitely crafted Jagannath temple, an important pilgrimage destination and a part of the 'Char Dharm' a Hindu is expected to make in one’s lifetime. It is believed that the deity was shaped by Lord Vishnu himself who appeared in guise of a carpenter. Puri is also famous for the annual 'Rath Yathra' in the month of July where three richly decorated chariots carrying the deities are pulled through the streets. When in Puri, partake the 'Maha Prasad' or the food offered to Lord Jagannath that is cooked in the temple kitchen by about 400 cooks.

 Puri also has a limitless selection of resorts that offer cuisines from all around the world to quench your appetite. However what makes Puri undoubtedly  unique is its diverse blend to thrill the nature enthusiasts with its marvelous landscapes, scenic delicacy and the wonderful delights of the Chilika lake and offer the spiritual aspirants a seemingly rare harmony of mind, body and soul as if the city is incontrovertibly paradise itself. Chilika Lake which also has a bird sanctuary attracting hundreds of thousands of birds from all over the world and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Sun Temple of Konark. Numerous fairs and festivals are organized throughout the year, including Rath Yatra, Gosani Yatra, Maha Shiv Ratri, Magha Mela, Konark Festival, Puri Beach Festival and so on.

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Rajendra Prasad
Dec 01, 2015
We were lucky to be there on the eve of Karthik Purnima and avoided huge crowds on that day. In case you need to have quick darshan, must know a Panda
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