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World India Odisha Brahmapur (Berhampur)
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India Odisha Brahmapur (Berhampur)

About Brahmapur (Berhampur)

Brahmapur the land of Lord Brahma is a very old city in the state of Orissa; it is 169 KMs from the state capital Bhubaneswar. Britisher’s were the ones who referred to this city as Berhampur during their rule in India (some still call it so). Situated close to the very beautiful chilka lake this city has plentiful offers for all those who chose to come here. Have you ever been to a place which has so many temples , beaches , markets , hot springs , grand celebrations(festivals ) round the year along with extensively rich culture , biodiversity and religious believes ? Haven’t right! so why do you wait – make some instant plans and be here in this land that offers a lot more than what one can ever imagine .

Brahmapur is known to be the best place in the state for all those who endlessly enjoy shopping , here they have their very famous silk sari types ( namely Brahmapuri patta and Bomokai patta which gave this place its nick name ‘silk city of India’ ), beautiful jewelry collections, handloom works, traditional wears , good quality brass work , coirmats and carpets  ,all this is available in markets in the city (Annapurna market, bada bazaar or in bahupur bazaar )  places one must surely visit here are – Gopalpur beach, Taratarini temple, Grameshwara temple, Arya palli Beach, Chilka lake, Bankeshwari and many more listed below . The most famous thing about this place is its biannual thakurani yatra which is the festival of goddess; make sure you plan your visit accordingly so that you don’t happen to miss out on that.

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