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World India Odisha Brahmapur (Berhampur) Potagarh Fort
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Brahmapur (Berhampur)
India Odisha Potagarh Fort


Potagarh fort is a historical place situated near the city of Berhampur, built by Britishers during their rule in India. It is 35 KMs away from Berhampur. Every year many students, researchers and scholars visit this fort in connection with their  with their historical and archeological study based on the fort situated on the bank of river Rusikulya. The horrible epidemic that had spread out during 1815 caused the destruction of this very famous fort. The beauty of this place situated near the river gives this place a very calm and enjoyable experience. Locals often come here with their family and friends for picnic. The accommodation and stay available at Potagarh. Learning while one travels is a great option so be there and enjoy the experience.

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