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World India Odisha Brahmapur (Berhampur) Biranchinarayan Temple, Buguda
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Brahmapur (Berhampur)
India Odisha Biranchinarayan Temple, Buguda


Biranchi Narayan Temple or Biranchinarayan Temple is also known as the "Wooden Konark", it is located in a place called Buguda (70 km from Berhampur) which lies in the Ganjam district of Orissa. It was built by king Srikara in the year 1790. The wooden architecture, wall paintings and the beautiful carvings on the wood attract a huge number of people every year to this holy place. A temple situated very close to this Surya temple is Lord Jagannath temple. The unique thing about these is that one can see the main pujas being offered standing in either of the two temples. The most famous Surya temple (in our country) built during the 13th century “Konark Sun temple” is situated 212 km from Brahampur.

Accommodation available at Berhampur or Buguda government guest house. In and around the city there are numerous temples, there is a lot one can learn understand and enjoy by being here as soon as possible. Don’t waste your times, instead come here and enjoy the richness, beauty and the endless charm the Berhampur city has to offer.

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