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Parangipettai is a seaside town with an interesting past and present. This quaint little town situated in the district of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu is historically known as Porto-Novo. Located on the Coromandel Coast it is 30kms away from Cuddalore city and is easily accessible from Chennai through road.

You’ll feel the flavour of the past as you wander the heat-strewn streets of this old colonial town. Once a center of trading with Yemen, it was ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and English successively. The name Parangipettai translates as ‘place of foreigners’ due to its large historical population.

Historically, this town has been a major trading port favored by the Arabs for centuries, and has been under the colonization of the Portuguese, Dutch, and English successively. A huge settlement of Muslims has been dominating this region for centuries hence a number of mosques are found in this town. Parangipettai literally means the abode of Europeans; it is now primarily a fishing village contributing to the state’s import of sea foods. Apart from the lovely landscapes, and beautiful coastline this place has nothing big to offer to tourists. Since it is not a tourist destination nearest place of accommodation is at Chidambaram and Cuddalore, but it is definitely worth a day’s trip.

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