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World India Telangana Hyderabad Falaknuma Palace
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India Telangana Falaknuma Palace


Falaknuma Palace, the 18th century palace is located 5 km away from Charminar in Hyderabad. This palace is one of exquisite palaces in Hyderabad. The palace was owned by the Nizam of Hyderabad. The name Falaknuma literally means “Mirror of Sky” in Urdu. Sprawling over 32 acres of land, the palace was constructed for nine long years. The aerial view reveals that the palace is designed as scorpion spreading its stings wide. Eventhough the palace was built by a Nawab, its architecture is a perfect blend of Italian and Tudor style. The rooms are lighted by light rays passing through the color stained glass windows. The main building and the kitchen can be found in middle portion of building. One can see the south part has the Harem, Gol Bangla and Zenana Mehal. There are nearly 220 rooms and 22 halls in Falaknuma Palace. The palace has manuscripts, statues, furnitures and paintings which are the rare collections of Nizam. The palace’s Jade collection is the most magnificent collections in the world. The ceilings are well ornate with frescoes and glided patterns.

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