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Top 7 Forts in Goa

Top 7 Forts in Goa

Top Sightseeing Tours in Goa

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Top Forts in Goa

According to the standard size of forts in India, the forts of Goa are small in size but hold a historical, political and economic importance. All the forts are built to protect the territorial waters or domain of Portuguese from the foreign invaders and thus, hold an important cultural significance. These well-sculpted forts successfully break the myth that Goa can only be known for its beautiful beaches. These forts are equally important as its beaches. Some are made from the red laterite rock whereas some are jutted out on the shores of the sea. However, all the forts have their own speciality and importance which can’t be skipped. If you are a curious bird with a curious mind who wants to explore the history of Goa as well as find peace in the solace nature, you must pay a visit to these well-sculpted forts listed below.


1) Aguada Fort


Fort Aguada - Best Forts in Goa

Constructed in 1612, Aguada Fort is the largest fort of Goa which attracts the tourists from all around the globe. This fort is undoubtedly the best-preserved bastion till date. It is not a crowd puller just because of its victorious history but for its magnificent location too. The Fort was built to fight against Dutch and Marathas invaders and successfully survived all these years, keeping its well-sculpted walls intact. For all the sightseeing lovers and photographers, the fort has a long expanse of endless blue water in front of it and some interesting features such as four-storey Aguada Lighthouse, Church of St. Lawrence and Aguada Jail. While exploring the area around these structures, one can take some breathtaking pictures of the sunset and the top view from the lighthouse that could be cherished forever. This is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the ancient beauty with your dear ones.

2) Corjuem Fort


Corjuem Fort - Forts in Goa

Built in 1551, Corjuem Fort is situated on the east of the village of Aldona on the river island of Corjuem and is smaller than other forts in Goa. This fort is secluded by the other crowded destinations of Goa and thus, known for its peaceful and calm environment. The area around the Fort is very picturesque and just can’t be missed from the sight of all the nature lovers. One can also visit the cable bridge which connects Corjuem fort to Aldona and is quite a popular tourist destination. The fort is surrounded by lush greenery and is a perfect spot for all the travellers who want to isolate themselves from the chaotic world or spend some private time which their loved ones. If all of this is not enough then, one can also pay a visit to its beautifully designed chapel and Shri Sateri Panchayatan Prasanna temple.

3) Terekhol Fort


Terekhol Fort - Forts in Goa

Terekhol Fort, popularly known as Fort Tiracol is situated at the northernmost tip of Goa. One can have a splendid view of the confluence of Terekhol River and the Querim and Kalacha beach from this fort. This well-sculpted fort was built in 17th century by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. The view from this fort is a feast for the eyes of its viewers. One can see different paragliders at a time from the top. It is one of the most visited forts and is now converted into an eminent luxurious boutique hotel. Due to the availability of a few rooms, prior bookings are always encouraged. One can spend a lazy morning with a cup of tea or coffee sipping while having a view of the endless deep blue sea from the fort. One can also visit St. Anthony’s church opened on the feast day in the month of May or can pay a visit to Tavern Restaurant Lounge Bar for some breathtaking views.

4) Chapora Fort


Chapora Fort - Top Forts in Goa

The Chapora Fort lies on the hill above Vagator beach. It was built by Adil Shah to prevent their territory from Hindu raiders. This fort is the best destination for all the history fanatics seeking to learn about the rich history of Goa. The fort is beautifully built and there are many ramparts from where one can get an amazing view of the Arabian Sea, Chapora River, Morjim beach, Ozran beach, and even the Anjuna beach. The fort is made up of small red laterite stones and is surrounded by green bushes. One can also see some Muslim tombstones and enjoy exploring the rich heritage site. The fort is opened on all days of the week between 10 am to 5:30 pm, however, it is suggested to go early morning or late afternoon to catch a beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

5) Reis Magos Fort


Reis Magos Fort - Best Forts in Goa

Erected in 1551, Reis Magos Fort was built by the Portuguese Viceroy Afonso de Noronha. It is located at the northern bank of the river Mandovi and is one of the oldest fort preserved by the Goans. Apart from all the other forts, the government of Goa has taken some special care in the maintenance of this fort. Here, the air is very neat and clean. For all the history lovers, chronological boards have been set up all around to read about the rich history of this fort. This fort has even served as a jail and is recognised as one of the most important forts to hold cultural and heritage importance. People looking to learn about the lifestyle of Portuguese must pay a visit to this magnificent fort. However, the main feature of this fort is Church Reis Magos, known for the colourful Feast of the Three Wise Men which is celebrated every year on 6th January.

6) Cabo De Rama Fort


Cabo De Rama Fort - Top Forts in Goa

Located in the Canacona region of south Goa, Fort Cabo De Rama is built between the two popular beaches of south Goa, Cavelossim and Agonda. The fort is spread over 18000 square meters and is situated on a small hill above the Cabo de Rama beach. It is believed that Lord Ram spent 14 years of exile at this place and thus, holds religious importance. Although the fort is in ruins, the bridge at the entrance still stays strong. One can also see Gatehouse, moat, ramparts, bastions, 21 cannon guns and a small chapel. One can even offer prayers at the St Antonio Church. Apart from all the interior beautification, one can also enjoy the romantic ambience around this fort. The views of sunset and sunrise that leads to the colourful sky is a feast for the eyes of viewers. Owing to its prime location, one can also enjoy the amazing view of the Arabian Sea and the coastline.

7) Mormugao Fort


Mormugao Fort - Top forts in Goa

source: Golden Goa

Located to the south of Mormugao Port in South Goa, Mormugao Fort is built by the Portuguese in 1624 in order to protect the territorial waters around the fort. This fort is known for its legacy and rich history. All the history fanatics who want to learn more about the history of Goa must visit this place. The high and thick walls of the fort were mainly built to protect it from all the foreign invaders. Even though not much has left to see, the position of the fort overlooking the scenic Varca beach adds to the scenic beauty for all the lovebirds. Owing to its beautiful location and historical significance, the fort has earned a lot of attention from all the backpackers around the world. During the summer, one can also take a spectacle view of boats lined up on its shore.


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