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World India Goa Goa Fort Aguada and Lighthouse
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India Goa Fort Aguada and Lighthouse


Fort Aguada and its lighthouse have been standing guard to protect Goa since the seventeenth century and is the largest and the best-conserved Portuguese fort in Goa. Aguada fort and its lighthouse is an important landmark in the Goan history. Located around 18km from Panjim, overlooking the Arabian Sea this historic fort has been around since the 16th century. It is located on Sinquerim beach and is a well-preserved archeological monument. This well preserved Portuguese fort was named after the Portuguese word ‘Agua’ meaning water; it was named so because the area around the fort was rich with freshwater springs which supplied water to the ships that stopped by. The four storey lighthouse on the fort is oldest of its kind in Asia and offers breathtaking panoramic view of lush greenery and beautiful ocean.

Walk around the upper part of the fort to marvel at the water storage chamber, bastions, and gun powder room whereas the lower part which was used as a berth for ships during the colonial era has now been converted into a prison and the area is off limits for visitors.

The lower part of the fort served as a berthing station for ships and the upper part housed the lighthouse, moat, and ammunition room and water storage chamber. Several Bollywood movies are shot at Fort Aguada, making it a popular destination for Hindi film buffs along with history loving tourists. Currently parts of this fort are being used as a jail.

Visit this place early in the morning before the sun heats up the fort, or take a stroll in the evening enjoying the ocean breeze. If you’re looking for accommodations nearby this scenic fort, there is a five star resort named Fort Agua beach resort for luxury stay, for budget stays opt for places in Candolim.

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Aug 04, 2014
The fort has very few shaded areas, so bring plenty of sunscreen and water with you and preferably come in the morning or evenings.
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Aug 04, 2014
Fort Aguada is about 3 KMs from Sinquerim Beach and much of the walk is uphill.
I like it