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World India Goa Panaji Casino Pride, Goa
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India Goa Casino Pride, Goa


Casino Pride is the place to go to if you want to lose yourself to luxury, you just found a place to do so. The plush interior and the snazzy ambiance will make you feel like a child would feel in Disney Land or remind you of Ocean's Eleven. Casino Pride is constructed on MV the Pride of Goa and the River Mandovi is its domain. It is one of Goa’s best.

Casino Pride offers mind-blowing live gaming experiences, fantastic service besides plenty of other treats. The vessel can entertain over 500 guests at once. The luxury comes at a price which is generally affordable. The entrance charge starting at Rs.1500 includes a buffet meal. You could play coins for just Rs. 500 if you simply want to taste the Casino a bit. You could totally lose control if you actually start playing. The adrenaline rush you get simply out of watching the game is enough to make your head reel. The rates are certainly more affordable during weekdays and weekends are best avoided if you have an aversion to crowds. This casino is a good option if you want to enjoy a carefree time of indulgence. 

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