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World United Arab Emirates Emirate of Abu Dhabi Al Ain
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Emirate of Abu Dhabi Al Ain

About Al Ain

Among the dusty deserts of UAE, towering palm trees, glittering oases and vast greenery garnish the UNESCO World Heritage town of Al Ain. Situated just half an hour away from Abu Dhabi, the town is a perfect place to enjoy an activity-filled weekend. To kick off some serious sightseeing, one must definitely visit the Al Ain National Museum, Al Ain Palace Museum and the Hili Archaeological Park Site, which have interesting relics dating back to the Bronze Age.  

Evenings are best spent by driving up to the large mountain, Jabel Hafeet, from where glorious sunsets can be observed lighting up the desert sky. To engage in some retail therapy, Al Ain offers two large malls loaded with dozens of international and designer brands. For a quick breather, one can visit one of the towns many coffee shops and shisha cafes that provide good services. The Al Ain Raceway is an international standard go-kart circuit which where one can experience the thrill of professional go karting. Wadi Adventure is a hub for water-based activities like surfing, kayaking and rafting, while Hili Fun City is an exciting amusement park to visit with the family. Popularly known as the ‘Garden City’ of UAE, Al Ain ensures that all tourists leave the town happy and satisfied.  

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