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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Sharjah Khor Fakkan
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Emirate Of Sharjah Khor Fakkan

About Khor Fakkan

Lining the scenic Bay of Khor Fakkan, the town is a major container port. The sea is perpetually dotted with fleets of ships waiting to dock and load. Also decorated with palm trees, white beaches and small gardens, the town has a quiet charm.  Short on tourists due to the ban on alcohol, Khor Fakkan has little to offer. However, it does have plenty family friendly attractions. The corniche is the most buzzing area, with shops, gardens and many open places to stroll around. Experience the locals emanating a colourful culture at the little souqs and markets, earnestly selling a plethora of items, from groceries to blankets.

The Oceanic Hotel stretches across the coast, and is the most popular and grand hotel in the region. The beach, of course, is a major attraction. The white sands and gleaming water is sure to bedazzle loungers and sunbathers. Since the laws are strict, appropriate dressing is required even at the beach. The salty sea breeze and shining sun is perfect to make the most of this town. Khor Fakkan is a small package of fun, with so many little things to discover and offer.  

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