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World United Arab Emirates Emirate of Dubai Dubai
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Emirate of Dubai Dubai

About Dubai

Rightly known as a ‘Global City’, Dubai houses a myriad of cultures, emotions and activities. The city is gloriously overwhelming, with something different going on in every corner, on every road and every hotel. Dubai appeals to every age group – a prefect destination for families, teenagers and adults. With children, families can visit water parks, indulge in some indoor sky diving or swim with dolphins. For the fearsome few, the city also offers authentic sky diving, a truly life changing experience.

Skidding across the sand dunes, riding up the rippled slopes and gearing up for some dune bashing is the best way to explore the never ending desert. Cozy desert villages serve mouthwatering food and perform some exceptional belly dancing. Hot air balloons over the desert provide stunning views of sunrise and sunset like no other! To soak up some more sun, the glamourous beaches will tempt anyone who lays afoot. From seaside cafes to beach sports, every soul will remain entangled in the beach vibes, a loose comforting feeling. To embark on some sightseeing, one can pay a visit to the world’ tallest tower, Burj Khalifa and travel up among the skies to gaze down at the dreamy city below. The Burj Al Arab and Palm Beach Jumeirah are architectural beauties that one ought to see.

Dubai Miracle Garden is now a major tourist attraction for containing the world’s largest collection of flowers. Bright colours and tantalizing aromas fill the area and leave you charmed by the beauty of the flora. A shopaholic’s dream, Dubai is the ultimate shopping destination. Widespread malls, international brands and lower prices makes the city a shopping heaven. Tourists can go crazy within the huge malls, especially Dubai Mall, which requires an entire day’s time to explore! Besides this, the city is also a foodie’s dream! An array of international and local cuisine is found all over the city, suiting everybody’s palate. A city like Dubai never sleeps, it stands strong and lovingly welcomes everyone with wide open hands.

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