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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Dubai Dubai Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai
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Emirate Of Dubai Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai


In the modern city of Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest existing building and houses the famous Dubai Museum. The fort is built magnificently and has towers built on three of its side. You can spot grand canons on the entrance which adds a royal look to this fort. The main gate adorns the flags of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The massive door and the scarred wall stand as a symbol of the battles and the conflicts of the past.

A striking thing about this boat is the presence of the traditional Arabian dhow (boat) that stands in front of the fort. These boats were originally used in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and they are docked here since the 1830’s.

The Dubai Museum housed in the fort showcases the way of life before the discovery of oil. The museum was opened in 1791 and has grand exhibits of display. It showcases the historic Arab houses, mosques, date farms, desert and the marine life of the people. This museum provides a historical perspective which is often missing in the glitz and glamour when visiting Dubai.

A large section in the museum is devoted to musical instruments which range from drums, flutes to bagpipes made of goatskin. In addition to this, there is also a section displaying the varied flora and fauna of the UAE. The Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum very succinctly summarizes the history and culture of this place and provides a new perspective which is different from the glamorous present day Dubai.

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