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World United Arab Emirates Emirate of Ajman Ajman
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Emirate of Ajman Ajman

About Ajman

The small city of Ajman lies along the Persian Gulf and invites lazy tourists to come relax by its sandy beaches and beautiful sea side promenades. The pretty palm tree lined city has a lazy vibe, making it an attractive quick getaway destination. The most popular spot in Ajman is the corniche, a bustling promenade overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Adorable cafes, local and international restaurants, malls and markets line the shore, keeping it lively throughout the day. In the evenings, the corniche is a beautiful place to have a picnic, or even organize a barbeque with friends and family. A variety of parks and nature reserves are present in and around the city, where one can unwind among nature and spot exotic bird species. Ajman has little to offer in terms of tourist spots, however, the charm lies in its power to make one stress free and peaceful.  

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