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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Sharjah Ajman Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
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Emirate Of Sharjah Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization


Sharjah was designated as the cultural capital of the Arab countries in 1998 by UNESCO, and capital of Islamic culture in 2014. True to these titles, the Sharjah's central attraction, Sharjah museum of Islamic Civilization, highlights and celebrates the Islamic culture and educates people about it and its contribution to the whole world. The museum is a massive building which is crowned by a resplendent golden dome that calls for a picture. Inside the museum, one walks along the long narrow chambers that traces the history and journey of Islam from its cradle to this day.

The museum has two levels: on the ground level there are two galleries. One is Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith that displays the photos of Mecca and the significance of the pilgrimage, detailed show of the rituals related to Haj. Across to it is Ibn Al Haitham Gallery of Science and Technology recognises the contribution of Islam on science and of Arabs on these fields. Many inventions and discoveries, relating from the invention of Fountain pens to the medicines are recalled. On the first floor, there are four galleries which deal extensively with the art, culture and architecture of Islam spanning across 1400 years. Clothing, accessories, carvings, poetry, cartography etc., of different periods are showcased. The first ever map of the world dating to the 11th century AD is also preserved. In short, to know anything and everything about Islam and its culture, visit this museum. 

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