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World United Arab Emirates Emirate of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi
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Emirate of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

About Abu Dhabi

Engulfed in all its splendor and beauty, the glorious city of Abu Dhabi is sure to leave one in awe. From every angle, in every aspect, the city never fails to impress anyone who visits, leaving them astounded by the mixture of tradition and progression. Hop on board a catamaran to sail through the sea, or relish the nautical thrill by engaging in some kite surfing and wake-boarding. The teal waters and sandy white beaches are a paradise for anyone who wished to relax and enjoy the sun, or try out some fishing and sailing. Meanwhile, the inland offers an abundance of activities. Start with some splendid sight-seeing by visiting the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel and boarding the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World.

Attractions like Drive Yas Marina Circuit and Yas Waterworld assure experiences like no other! Some retail therapy will do one no harm, and Abu Dhabi has just the right opportunities for the shopaholics. A large number of malls around the city house hundreds of international and local brands that are sure to appeal to everyone’s tastes. To take a break from all the activities, the numerous sheesha bars and restaurants cure all the rumbling stomachs.

Of course, the desert cannot be forgotten! Cruise over the sandunes on camels, jeeps or even skis! Access to unusual desert activities are plenty, and one must make the most of them. A drive past Capital Gate is essential, for one mustn’t miss out on seeing the world’s furthest leaning tower – an architectural beauty! Museums, cultural centers and exhibitions highlight the rich dynasties and folklores of the country, which aren’t only stored, but yet seen in the local markets and communities. The things to do and see in this incredible city are countless, too many to be flaunted. Be sure to spend a few days at Abu Dhabi, exploring this timeless Arabian wonder. 

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