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The Emirates Park Zoo is a small private zoo located in Al Bahia, a north-east suburb of the UAE capital. This zoo has over 1700 animals including white tigers, Siberian bears, lions, cheetahs among others. A uniquely striking thing about this place is the park wide “misting system” which keeps the animals cool during the summers.

This zoo happens to be very interactive as it allows the visitors to have interaction with the animals. You can grass feed the giraffes, zebras, as well as sheep and goats. You can also milk feed the baby sheep. Cool, right? It is especially fun for the kids.

There are a number of shows which you can see here like the Elephant Encounter, Sea Lion Show, Magic Show, Azonto Drum and Dance. A very famous attraction at the Emirates Zoo is the 31 year old, 300 kg plus, Siberian Bear! The animals are housed in the zoo’s “Predators” and “Wild Animals” enclosures. There is an Emirates Park Resort connected to the zoo which offers excellent air conditioned accommodation.
If you are looking for a fun family time or to simply experience some wild creatures from up close, then Emirates Park Zoo is the perfect place for you.

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