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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
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Emirate Of Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital


Being first of its kind, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the world’s foremost falcon welfare institution. This place was known worldwide from TV and media articles which was opened for the general public in 2007. This is the place which gives you a guided tour around the falcons from the ancient to the modern times. It is an unforgettable experience that takes you through the world of the falcons.

You will learn about the history and the life of falcons and you will come so closer to them that you will wish to see it again and again. Falcons are actually an integral part of the Gulf culture and hence care is taken to restore and maintain them in good health. It is very exciting and warming to see anxious people bringing their falcons for treatment to this place.

The tour available at this place takes you through the falcon museum, the examination room and the free-flight aviary. You can even try to take photographs with the raptors that are willing to perch on your arms. This place is a must for you if you are interested in wildlife since it gives you a chance to experience them from up close.

It is a fun place for all ages and is of course a one of a kind place!

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