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A business and commercial hub, Fujairah houses tall corporate buildings along its main street. However, the white, sandy beaches and rugged mountains have lots more to offer. Among the major sightseeing spots, the Al Bidya Mosque, Fujairah Historic Fort, Fujairah Museum and Al Hayl Castle are definitely worth a visit. They showcase the lesser known history and vast culture of the Emirate. On Fridays, bull butting is an exciting affair to witness, especially with the family.

Just outside the city, the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs serve as a popular retreat for travelers who want to soak themselves in the natural invigorating water. The city’s coastline in lined with clean beaches overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Simply laying on the beach and enjoying snacks at the cafes is a pleasurable experience. Meanwhile, the city also offers the adventure seekers, water sports or activities like snorkeling or scuba diving in one of the best sites to explore. Wadis (riverbed/oasis) are popular tourist spots to swim and bathe among waterfalls. The vibrant city of Fujairah, hence, holds a lot on its platter, ready to be served to whoever decides to pay it a visit. 

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