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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Sharjah Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Centre
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Emirate Of Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Centre


A 3 hour drive from Abu Dhabi will take you off to an amazing destination - Arabian Wildlife Centre , far from the concrete buildings and roads to a naturally formed desert island that is a residence of some 13000 animals and varieties of marine species and birds. At Sir Baniyas Island, you will encounter closely with the wildlife, marine life and vibrant birds that do not shy away from being clicked. Plus, there are umpteen adventures and fun activities like mountain biking, kayaking, nature and wildlife drives, horse ridings etc., tailored for a tourist and nature lover. The island has good number of opulent villas and resorts, stables, and also a five-star hotel. You get to see animals roaming freely of which many are endangered species that are protected at this island. Arabian rock hyrax, ostriches, Beisa Oryx, hyenas and giraffes are few to name. In addition to these, learn and enjoy horse riding at the stables, go for sailing and diving lessons at Desert Islands watersport Centre and do some snorkeling. Also visit the country’s only Christian monastery is excavated at this island and 4000 year old tomb, and mosque. It is a thrilling weekend getaway for a family where one gets to stay at the natural home of wild animals. Remember to book the wildlife drives in advance.

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