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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Sharjah Sharjah Sharjah Desert Park
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Emirate Of Sharjah Sharjah Desert Park


Sharjah Desert Park is a favorite among kids, as it is a mixture of different environments. Situated at Dhaid road, close to the 9 interchange, this park houses farm house, botanical Museum, Natural history museum, Arabia’s wildlife center. This amusement park is also informative, that allows kids to learn while they enjoy. In the children’s Farm, one can feed and caress the goats, camels and ride the camels and ponies. In the Natural history museum, a wide range of topics is covered: from fossils and dinosaurs to geography. It is also explained about the direction this emirate is heading, about its location in today’s and in future’s time by the movement of the tectonic plates. The major attraction of this site is the wildlife centre that introduces you to the native animals like flamingos, vipers, mongooses, wildcats, hyenas, wolves, Arabian leopards and many more. There is Islamic garden, mountains, desert, and wet wadi plants and kids play areas. There are cafés and picnic facilities to make it a whole day’s excursion. 

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