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Hatta Heritage Village , Fujairah

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To the east of Dubai, on the Omani borders, lies the well preserved ancient Hatta Heritage Village. A two hour drive from Dubai city will lead you in to a different landscape altogether, where huge Al Hajar Mountains replace the modern infrastructures of the city and sand dunes rule the scenery. This place, 135 kilometers from the city, is called Hatta Heritage village, that has its roots in 16th century and was renovated to present form without disturbing its ancient flavors and opened in 2001 to visitors.

A visit to this village will offer you a glimpse of the typical mountainous village of the Emirate before the advent of technologies. On entering, you will find ‘Two stones' or two tall watchtowers that used to be the defence fortresses of the village, a central Fort, a 200 year old Mosque  and mud built houses.  Rifles, guns, swords, canons, pottery, clothing, musical instruments, jewellery of those times are also preserved in the Fort. There are 30 buildings in the village and the surroundings are filled with picturesque locations like reservoir, Rock pools and Hill Park that are additions to the must- list.  The village also hosts the important events like UAE National Day, Dubai Shopping Festival, and Flag Day. 

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