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World United Arab Emirates Emirate Of Dubai Dubai Dubai Pearl Museum
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Emirate Of Dubai Dubai Pearl Museum


Dubai Pearl Museum is more than just about display of pearls, it is about the glorious history and the journey of the Gulf as a producer of immaculate pearls which shines with equal radiance. The explorations of many divers are preserved here and their lives and stories are narrated. Before oil trading boomed, this sphere was dominated by the precious pearls. The Gulf’s appropriate climatic and its shallowness and formation of sea beds all contributed to the production of pearls.

Dubai Pearl Museum showcases the collection of Ali Bin Abdullah, a well known merchant, who had donated all the pearls he collected in his days to this Museum. There are pearl jewelleries of different designs, thousands of flawless pearls placed against the red velvet background to highlight the lustre, as well as currency notes, coins, maps, wooden boxes, tools, weighing scales used by the merchants. Colour and size are the determining factors of a valuable pearl. Look out for teardrop and pear shaped pearls and silvery white and golden hue colored which are most prized ones. An advance booking is required and a maximum of 20 visitors are only allowed at a given time. The Museum is on the 15th floor above Emirates NBD bank in Deira. Nearest metro station is Nakheel which is just a kilometre from the bank. 

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