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Jumeirah Mosque , Dubai

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Emirate Of Dubai Jumeirah Mosque

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One of the few mosques in Dubai that welcome the non-Muslim guests, the Jumeirah Mosque is a very intricately designed and is a very beautiful landmark. This place is built to hold around 1,200 worshippers at a time. It is snowy white since it is built entirely of white marble in the medieval Fatimid traditional style. It has a huge central dome and two towering minarets.

This place looks like mesmerising during the night sky when its intricately carved design stands out. It is thus a much photographed place. The mosque stands a symbol of underlying humility of the Muslim community amongst the glamour of Dubai. It is best to dress conservatively while visiting this place.

There is a guided tour of the mosque which lasts for about 75 minutes and provides information about the rich details of the Muslim culture. There is also a question and answer round at the end of this tour where you can ask any questions pertaining to the Islamic religion and culture. It costs only 10 dirhams, which is quite worth the information gathered.

It is the home of the world’s largest carpet and chandelier which is a great attraction for tourists coming from the world over. The mosque is rated as 3rd in importance to the Muslim community which makes a busy spot. It is the ideal place to learn about the culture in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

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