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Ukai Dam , Surat

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A Surat tour can never be complete without the excursion from the city to the little town of Ukai where Ukai Dam also known as Vallabh Sagar. Visit Ukai dam and witness the majestic splendor of water gushing at full force from the dam. The reservoir is also known as Vallabh Sagar. This dam comes in the second position in the list of largest reservoirs in Gujarat. Sardar Sarovar happens to be the largest reservoir in Gujarat

The famous Ukai Dam attracts many locals and tourists. Built across the Tapti (Tapi) River, it is said to hold 46% of the total storage capacity of all the dams in Gujarat. Apart from the dam, the neighbouring village of Songhar and the famous Giri waterfalls are visit-worthy as well. The surrounding locality of Ukai is a feast to the senses and the sunsets must not be missed.

The damn was constructed in 1972 for the purpose of irrigation, power generation and flood control. The area measurement of the total water spread is 52,000 hectares. The capacity of Ukai Dam is almost same as that of Nangal Dam. If put together all the other existing dams of Gujarat, Ukai dam has the storage capacity of almost 46% of them. The Ukai Hydro Power Station contains total four turbine units. Each of the turbine is 75 MW and further total installed capacity of 300 MW. All these units are proposed and made by BHEL.

The area is developed as a tourist spot by the state tourism department and public transportation is available to visit it. It can get crowded during public holidays or on Sundays. Getting to Ukai isn't too difficult, since several buses run at healthy frequencies from Surat. People often travel further towards the village of Dediapada or up towards the city of Ahmedabad.

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