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World India Gujarat Surat Ukai Dam
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India Gujarat Ukai Dam


A Surat tour can never be complete be complete without the excursion from the city to the little town of Ukai where Ukai Dam also known as Vallabh Sagar. Visit Ukai dam and witness the majestic splendor of water gushing at full force from the dam. The reservoir is also known as Vallabh Sagar.

The famous Ukai Dam attracts many locals and visitors. Built across the Tapti (Tapi) River, it is said to hold 46% of the total storage capacity of all the dams in Gujarat. Apart from the dam, the neighbouring village of Songhar and the famour Giri waterfalls are visit-worthy as well. The surrounding locality of Ukai is a feast to the senses and the sunsets must not be missed.

The area is developed as a tourist spot by the state tourism department and public transportation is available to visit it. It can get crowded during public holidays or on Sundays. Getting to Ukai isn't too difficult, since several buses run at healthy frequencies from Surat. People often travel further towards the village of Dediapada or up towards the city of Ahmedabad.

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