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World India Rajasthan Bundi Bijolia
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India Rajasthan Bijolia


Bijolia or Bijoliyan is a village in Bhilwara district famous for Hajareshwara temple which dates back to 10th century. The town is denoted by its cultural and architectural heritage and quaint housing. There is a huge linga in the centre and surrounded by many small lingas thus got the name Hajareshwara. Also famous for the Bijolia fort as well as the Mandakini Baori which is a step well. Also Bijolia cannot be complete without a mention about the rock inscriptions dating back to 12 century AD as well as the rock inscription on the Parasvnath temple.

The town is denoted by its cultural and architectural heritage and quaint housing. In the village are three notable shrines dedicated to Lor Shiva, dating back to the 13th century. The temples are situated around a water tank and the Mandakini Kund and are mostly in ruins. The area has special significance for those studying India during the Chauhan period.

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