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Loktak Lake in Manipur is one of those unbelievable natural occurrences, one of those places which define a traveler’s ‘it is too brilliant to be true’ moments. Now the reason for it is pretty straightforward but extraordinary, the Phumdis (series of floating islands), hovering mass of vegetation and organic substance on this freshwater lake. Loktak literally means the place where the stream ends, and it continues to be the largest freshwater lake in the North Eastern part of our nation.

Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. It is known the world over because of floating vegetation known as 'phumdi'. Phumdis are heterogeneous mass of decomposing vegetation, soil, and organic matters that has solidified. These phumdis are scattered all over the lake, lending it a beautiful and exotic feel. Sandra and Phubala islands located within the lake offer excellent opportunities for visitors to enjoy the beauty and diversity of this lake. Imphal, the capital of Manipur is about 35 KMs away from Loktak Lake.

Loktak Lake is not only indispensable in terms of tourism but also crucial for supporting the livelihood of the villages surrounding it. Thousands of villagers also happen to live on Phumdis and earn their revenue through activities like farming and fishing. To the Southern section of the lake lies the National Park of Keibul Lamjao, the only floating sanctuary in the world was established in 1977.  It is popularly renowned for the endangered species of the Manipuri Eld Deer also known as the dancing deer. The park has an immensely prosperous aquatic plant life as well as the terrestrial flora and fauna, which is the reason why the South Eastern part of the Loktak Lake has been recognized as Ramsar Site. Travelers can seize the opportunity to get a breath-taking view of this massive lake from a Phumdi known as Sendra Island, a simple recipe for a perfect panoramic picture. This serene beauty is literally North East’s pride and a true wanderer’s journal will be incomplete without the dreamlike experience of Loktak’s awe-inspiring finery and countryside.

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